To the north side of the courtyard there is a small cottage with a quiet room away from the main hubbub of the public house where we can seat 10 with ease, 12 nicely and 13 at a squeeze round a large circular table.
This small, cosy room may be reserved for a BUSINESS MEETING, CLUB MEETING, DISCUSSION CLUB, SEMINAR, FAMILY MEETING etc. with or without LUNCH or SUPPER,
Ring us to make a booking, there is no fee other than we ask a minimum spend of £75 on drink and/or food. { 12 people, have a half of bitter and a sandwich each and you’re there.}


Rustic wooden bench seats and tables painted in a variety of deep yellow hues, patio heaters, a rolling roof and a vine covered pergola are the surprise that awaits the adventurous patron. We are able to reserve parts of the courtyard to accommodate groups to meet or eat. (10 – 30 covers).


Year round there is a gas fired barbecue available with staff service or for a ‘cook your own’ group. Through “R.R.Alden & Son” we can provide steaks, fresh cuts of marinaded lamb, chicken, pork sausages with chips,baked potatoes, salads. Debbie will try to meet any of your ‘culinary requirements!


All food is ordered at the bar and delivered to a table of your choice throughout the public house. There is no ‘restaurant area’ or waiter/esses in the usual understanding of the word(s).


We accept most debit and credit cards but if you need CASH, in a corner of the pub we have an ATM for your convenience. There is a charge added by the service providers of £1.45 per transaction for this service!


We know this is a contentious issue and as a small public house with NOWHERE for children to play or run about, BEFORE 5pm we are able to offer the covered, heated courtyard and the Cottage for children to join parents and bona fide guardians but AFTER 5pm, NO FACILITIES for the under-18’s. Please do not misunderstand us, we love children and are very proud of both of our delightful children!


As a small public house we have NO FACILITIES for pets at any part of the day, however quiet or docile they might be!